PINK (ΡΟΖ) Επαγγελματικός Απορροφητήρας Σκόνης Νυχιών



Ο απορροφητήρας της Princess Professional διαθέτει ενα εξαιρετικά δυνατό μοτέρ απορροφά το 99% της σκόνης ,είναι ιδανικός για όλους τους επαγγελματίες που έρχονται σε επαφή με gel, ημιμόνιμα, και ακρυλικά υλικά.Διαθέτει φίλτρο συλλογής της σκόνης,που με ευκολία μπορεί να αφαιρεθεί και να καθαριστεί.Απαραίτητο εργαλείο για την συλλογή της σκόνης και την αποφυγή επικίνδυνων ασθενειών αλλά και πιθανών αλλεργιών που προκαλούνται από την εισπνοή τους διαχρονικά!

EASIER TO OPERATE: two wind speeds are adjustable, you can choose according to your demands. You just need to place your hands near the hole of fan and the nail fragments will easily be absorbed,equipped with ON/OFF switch, with powerful and quiet engine, convenient to use,the pull-out filter screen is easy to replace and can be cleaned and used repeatedly

  • NAIL DUST COLLECTOR: 100% vacuum effect,prevent dust fly ash from being scattered and inhaled into the air,while other nail dust collector just have 70-80% vacuum effect, dust will fly out,the powerful Nail Dust collector is equipped with strong fans to collect dust created while filing or polishing nails
  • PROFESSIONAL TOO FOR NAIL ART MAKING: Powerful motor ensures a strong suction, no dirt of nail left,With HEPA, air can pass, but small particles can’t,soft and smooth surface providing you a luxury manicure experience,suitable for grinding nails and foot, make your hands and foot feel comfortable
  • PRACTICAL FUNCTION: this nail salon dust collector is the best tool to collect dust while filing or polish nail, nail art. A must-have for nail salon, allow customers to enjoy a better quality of service. Take more professional and high-end atmosphere to nail salon. Also suitable for those who enjoy nail art DIY at home
Powerful Cooling System Tips:
1. Pull out the filter, clean it regularly ,like around 2-3 clients
2. The dust sucked in will be absorbed on the inside, we advise to change the filter after half of a year use. we also sell the filter in our shop.
3. Don’t use the nail machine without the filter.

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